2021 Normandy Pilgrimage Cancelled

It’s with great sadness that we have to confirm that the 9th Parachute Battalion Reunion Club 2021 Pilgrimage to Normandy has been cancelled. We had hoped that there might be a chance for the event to go ahead – and indeed things on the UK side are starting to feel positive. However, the situation in France is not as well-advanced as our own, and it’s looking like international travel won’t be possible by June 6th, so during last night’s Reunion Club Committee meeting we regrettably had to take the decision to cancel the trip.

2021 Annual Reunion Club Dinner

Thanks to the success of the UK vaccination rollout, it is looking more likely that the 9th Battalion Reunion Club dinner, rescheduled for the 18th September 2021 at the Union Jack Club, will be able to go ahead. If you are interested in attending, please drop us an email (admin@9thparabattalion.com) and we can start to collate numbers (do not send any money yet!).

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