9th Battalion Reunion Club Normandy Pilgrimage 2022

The reunion club committee met this weekend, and have taken the decision that we will go ahead with the annual Pilgrimage to Normandy in June 2022.

The pilgrimage will run from June 3rd – June 7th inclusive, and as usual will include attendance of ceremonies at the Merville Battery and other key sites around the 6th Airborn field of operation during the Allied Invasion – including Ranville, Breville / Chateau St Come etc. The coach will pick up at the Union Jack Club in London as normal, and then travel to Portsmouth for the ferry crossing.

Date change: Note that the original date for the Pilgrimage was 4-8 June, but Brittany no longer sail on Wednesday mornings, so we were unable to return on that date, and have had to move the whole trip forward by a day. The other option was to return on the afternoon of the 8th, but that would have incurred an additional £600 charge!

The pilgrimage will cost £575 £450 per person and is all-inclusive – with the coach, ferry crossing, hotel booking and all meals included in the price. In order to ensure the pilgrimage is financially viable for the club, we need to confirm a certain number of attendees (otherwise the cost for the ferry + coach becomes prohibitive). Therefore, it’s important that if you intend to join the pilgrimage, you let us know as soon as possible. It’s worth noting that the trip becomes more cost-effective with larger numbers – so if more people join the pilgrimage, the cost will reduce for everyone.

To book your place, please email with your party size, names and details, or contact Mark Otway, Mike Woodcock or Paul Hill. If you have a direct link with the 9th Battalion (e.g., veteran family member, etc) please mention this when you email.

As you’ll expect, the trip is contingent on all lockdown restrictions and other COVID-related issues being mitigated; if the pandemic takes a turn for the worst, either in the UK or France, we will have to revisit the plans – but currently we expect the pilgrimage to go ahead.

6-Jan Price Update: Please note that the price for the pilgrimage has been reduced, thanks to a generous assistance from the Merville Battery and the French.


  1. My son and I would like to be considered to join the trip. I’ve been a member of the Gilder Pilot Regiment Society for a number of years and have visited Normandy on a number of occasions. The last time in 2019 when I represented the family of Captain Hal Hudson at Ranville Cemetery. My son is 20 and I’m in my 60’s. Happy to pay a deposit if that helps

  2. Hi
    I am Cecil Hughes daughter Gillian can you tell me the name of the hotel that we all stay at please.
    My brother and my husband and I are going to visit on our own to visit our Uncle’s grave who was killed in world war 1.

    Also could you please tell me where our Father’s tree is planted as we would like to visit the tree while we are over.

    Thank you in advance.

    Have a lovely trip maybe we can join you all next year.

    Kind regards


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