A Quiet Hero Lost – Dennis Coates

The sad news continues coming – yesterday Dennis Coates passed away. Dennis was a quiet, reserved man – the antithesis of some of the other veterans like Fred Glover – but no less the Hero for it. Dennis was awarded the Légion d’Honneur medal at the Merville Battery on 5th June 2017.

His passing leaves Phil Ward as the only living veteran of the 9th Parachute Battalion in Normandy.

Fred Glover, Tom Hughes, Phil Ward and Dennis Coates. Picture by Paul Hill




  1. Dear Dennis,
    Yes, you were quiet, and I wonder what this attitude hid…
    Maybe the suffering endured during long months of forced labour at the enemy’s hands in a Stalag and a salt mine in Germany…
    I am very sad your send-off will be discreet, as you were, due to the current pandemic… But many of us will be behind our screens for you and to support Suzanne.
    Thank you for your service, Dennis. You won’t be forgotten.

  2. Just to say, passing through Merville and visited the museum with my son. By the bus stop now to return to base and there is a large picture of Dennis Coates in the World War Ii heroes series of photos across the region. Truly a hero – like all his comrades. How small they make me feel by comparison. Their bravery knew no bounds.

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