Another great loss to the 9th Battalion – Tom Hughes

More sad news – Tom Hughes, who had been ill for some time after a fall – passed away early this morning. It is the family’s belief that he wanted to wait for Remembrance Day before letting go of his life.  It is some considerable comfort to us and to them that he managed this last task.

Tom wasn’t present at Merville, but served with the 9th Battalion at the Battle of the Bulge, and Arnhem, as well as in Palestine after the war. He went on to work at the Daily Telegraph, where he recruited Paul Hill to act as the 9th Bn Reunion Club Secretary. Tom also produced the ‘Red Beret‘ newsletter for the Club – a huge task, but brilliantly executed.

Tom will be missed by many.

Tom Hughes, Fred Glover and Phil Ward. Picture by Robin Savage.
Tom Hughes and Brian McGrieg. Picture by Paul Hill
Fred Glover, Tom Hughes, Phil Ward and Dennis Coates. Picture by Paul Hill


  1. Dear Tom,
    I was hoping you would pull through…
    I shall miss our chats via e-mails.
    You were such a lovely, unassuming and kind hearted man.
    In my heart forever.

  2. Dear Tom,
    I just learned the sad news only now and I am so sorry we never managed to meet up for coffee as you said numerous time 🙁 I am reading all your emails since you first got in touch in 2014 and I am really sad. I want to send my condolences to all his family.

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