#DDay75 – The Big One: Calling all 9th Battalion Families

No sooner are we past the 74th anniversary of D-Day, when the preparations must start for the commemorations in 2019 for the 75th Anniversary.

If the 70th anniversary was anything to go by, the event in 2019 will be a major event, and logistically very complex, so planning is already well underway for the 9th Battalion Reunion Club Normandy Pilgrimage. Therefore, it’s critical that we can get numbers of those wanting to attend as soon as possible (to ensure hotel bookings, coach capacity, and so on).

If you are intending to join us, please reach out to either Tony Lea, Mike Woodcock or Paul Hill as soon as you can, to confirm numbers. If you are a family member or close friend of the 9th Battalion, and would like to attend but are not already in communication with the Reunion Club, please contact us as soon as possible (admin@9thparabattalion.com). And lastly, if you know of anyone connected to the 9th Para Battalion who isn’t currently in contact with the Reunion Club, please encourage them to get in touch; as the veterans’ numbers are sadly dwindling, it’s up to the next generations to keep the memory alive of these mens’ amazing achievements.

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