Funeral Details for Cecil Hughes

For anyone interested in attending and paying their respects, the funeral for Cecil Hughes will be held at:

  • Boxted Church, Church Ln, Boxted, Near Sudbury, Colchester CO4 5TG at 10:00am on Monday 7th January 2019.


  1. Hi Mark

    Thank you for your kind invitation but unfortunately, I will not be able to attend.

    My father (Peter Russell) was in the 9th Parachute battalion, though he died in 1998. One day, I would like to come to a reunion or get together.


    Peter Russell

  2. I have only just seen this post regarding my late father Mr Cecil Hughes MBE cdLH
    I have seen the address should have been Boxford not Boxted which is where the funeral was held
    My Father had a guard of honour from the 9th battalion which was very moving
    We all miss him so much he was an inspiration to his village where he was born and to his family.
    We raised over £700 pounds for donations to the British Heart Foundation as he had a quadruple heart by pass 18 year’s ago before his passing at Papworth Hospital
    Many thanks to all who donated
    My Father attended many year’s at Normandy remembering the fallen Solider’s and would have been at the 2019 if he had still been with us.
    A book has been written by my Father which I will get publised as soon as I can.
    I will keep in touch with you all and wish everyone good health and have been watching all the events with heart felt moments and tear’s for all who gave their live’s for us.
    Well done to all who makes it special for those to remember their loved one’s.
    Kind regards
    Gillian Clements (Cecil Hughes’s daughter)

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