New Books about Merville

There are two new books released this year relating to the 9th Battalion and the Merville Battery.

Eight Seconds – Glenn B. Fleming

The first, by Glenn Fleming, is a dramatised narrative telling of the Merville Assault, seen through the eye’s of Glenn’s father Frank Fleming, who was a machine-gunner in the 9th Battalion and who took part in the Merville battle. The book nearly 200 pages, and is also illustrated by Glenn. To buy it on Amazon, click here.










The Silencing of the Merville Battery – Neil Barber

Also released this year is the Merville Battery Walking Guide pocketbook, by Neil Barber – author of the seminal book on the Merville Battery operation ‘The Day The Devils Dropped In‘. It’s accompanied by a similar pocket guide covering the Pegasus Bridge assault and capture.


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