The End of an Era – Gordon Newton

On Sunday 30th September 2018 Gordon Newton passed away. His loss to the 9th Battalion Reunion Club is immeasurable – he was instrumental in the founding of the Club, and worked for decades to ensure its success and growth. To many, Gordon was the voice of the 9th Battalion, and his character and personality was known by many connected with the battalion and Merville. He will also be missed greatly by the colleagues and friends from his days in the Metropolitan Police. 

Jill Moore, Gordon’s daughter, put it best:

“He left us with no fuss or trauma. I believe that he knew the end was near and was prepared to go. We, as a family, are devastated but know that he lived a rich and happy life with no regrets.”

Ed Llewellyn, Amassador to France, with Cyril Tasker, Gordon Newton and Phil Ward
Alan Edwards, General Lorimer and Gordon Newton
Gordon Newton


  1. Mark, your worthy comments speak for all who knew Gordon, I’m sure. I would suppose that some form of memorial will be installed at the Battery and if any assistance is helpful I will be happy to support this.

  2. One year when travelling to Normandy in early June I was walking around the ferry, reading the various notices and descriptions about some veterans when I had a double take. I had just been reading about Gordon Newton and there he was, right in front of me. He looked at me, looked at his picture, smiled, shook my hand and chatted for a few minutes. It was an absolute privilege to meet him, as it is all veterans. He will be missed but also fondly remembered.

  3. I was at the merville battery for the 60th anniversary when my late father and I had the privilege to meet this humble man. He spent 15 minutes giving us a first hand account of what happened. Priceless.
    After that I’ve always looked out for him on subsequent anniversaries.
    This is a great loss
    I thank and salute you sir
    Lyndon Whitehouse
    Ret Police Officer

  4. I served with Gordon in the Police service he as an officer. He was a man who was respected and liked by everyone. I did not know until his passing that he had played his part in the raid on Merville Battery. My immense pride that I had served under him will not diminish.

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